Dear Tuscany Village Board,

Since our team at Fidus Roofing and Construction started conversations with you last October about potentially replacing the roofs at Tuscany Village one thing has been clear; you’ve seen the repairs piling up and know your property needs new roofs. The challenge for you isn’t finding the value in a new roof; it’s finding the funding.

Fidus can ease the burden of navigating the financial maze of a project of this size, while ensuring the end result increases the value of the community.

The Industry-Wide Cost of a New Roof has Increased 25% in the Last Year

Estimated costs based on materials needed per 100 square feet
Building construction process of new wooden roof on wood frame house


66% Increase

Photo of toolbelt with instrument and nail gun lying on asphalt or bitumen shingle on top of the new roof under construction residential house or building


16% Increase


Roofing Nails

10% Increase

Peel Stick

Peel and Stick

5% Increase

On-Site Project Manager
For each project there will be a Fidus project manager on site to answer any questions your team may have regarding each individual step.
When work can be started and completed is impacted by several factors. Several of the materials required for these projects have lately been running behind in availability and delivery schedules. If this happens, your project manager will contact you to discuss our plan to resolve. Timing also may have to be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather delays.
During the completion of the project the area may experience significant levels of noise. Our team is dedicated to limiting the impact this may have on the community's residents.
Yard Debris
There will be a considerable amount of debris created during each stage of this project. Our crews are committed to cleaning up throughout the job and will conduct a final cleanup upon completion of each project.