GREENBRIER: Frequently Asked Questions

Fidus Roofing & Construction will be starting a reroof project on buildings 1, 2, 34, 35 and 36 beginning August 12th 2022. The project is expected to take approximately two-three weeks to complete, and we will do our best to minimize any inconvenience to you and your neighbors


1What buildings are being worked on?
34, 35, 36, 1, 2
2Will this project impact traffic or parking?
Yes. Portions of the parking lot will be closed off to accommodate equipment. The flow of traffic will be affected as we will be driving machinery in the area of the project. We will do our best to minimize the effect to you and your community. Cones and caution tape will mark construction zones.
3Can I park my vehicles in my driveways/garage while my building is being completed?
No. For the safety and protection of your vehicles, no vehicles are permitted on your driveway while your building is being reroofed. You can leave your vehicles in the garage, but please be aware that it cannot be moved while construction is happening.
4How long will it take to complete my building?
Each building will take approximately three days, with an overall goal of three weeks for all five buildings to be completed.
5Will anyone need to access my unit for this project?
No. We will not need to access your unit for the project.
6I have potted plants around my unit. Do I need to move them?
Yes! Any plants of lawn decorations that can be moved should be relocated temporarily.
7What is being done to prevent debris?
Safety precautions will be implemented to remove roof debris. A bucket lift will be utilized to remove debris from the roof tops and transported to the the dumpster. While we will make every attempt to maintain a clean worksite, we will still need your help in being cautious in these areas.
8Who do I go to with any questions about the roofing project?
If you have any roofing project related questions you can call your onsite project manager, Nate Morton, at (904)-414-9297 or Craig Chaney at (904)-615-4368. You can also reach your community association manager, Al Allen, at (904)-263-4060.
9Is this project being done by a local company?
Fidus Roofing & Construction was established in 2005, and has been voted Best Roofer in St. Augustine by the St. Augustine Record since 2012. We are a locally owned and trusted roofing company with a lot of experience in projects such as this. If you ever need to get ahold of someone in the office our number is (904)-230-5548.

Things to Consider

During work on your buildings there will be a significant amount of noise and disruption. We will be doing our best to complete this as quickly as we can so please be patient through this process. Unfortunately, the project will consist of long work days. However, the goal is to be in and out as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your new roof!