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Homeowners in Florida regularly have their homes affected by the weather from heavy rainfall to strong winds, and their roofs are unfortunately at the mercy of elements. At Fidus Roofing and Construction we’re here to make sure that your roof is in peak condition, can withstand any weather and will last for many years to come.


Expert Roofing Repair Solutions
Give Your Roof the Attention That it Needs

Our team is available to assist with any roof repairs such as:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Wind Damage Repair
  • Hail Damage Repair
  • Roof Inspection
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency Leak Repair
  • Storm Repair
  • Roof Restoration
  • Attic Inspection
  • Shingle Replacement

We offer a free, no-obligation quote so you know exactly what you need and how we can help you get it done.

The Benefits of Regular Professional Roof Repair and Maintenance

Prevention is Better Than Cure When it Comes to Roof Repair and Maintenance
Preventative maintenance and repair for roofing will save you from having to make more expensive repairs in the future. A small leak can grow quickly if it’s exposed any combination of humidity, heat, and moisture. This will turn a small repair job into something more extensive that costs more and may pose a risk to your property. A once-yearly in-depth roof inspection is the best way to identify any issues so that they can be addressed before they become a bigger problem.

You Can Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Roof
Your roof, if it has been constructed correctly, should last for many years. But continued exposure to the elements means that it won’t last as long as should if it’s not looked after. But regular maintenance can reverse this trend by improving the roof’s resistance to weather and other forces thereby extending how long you can expect the roof to last.

Keep Your Roof Looking Great
As a homeowner, you want to be proud of the home that you live in, and your roof is one of the first things that you and other visitors to your home will see. Regular maintenance will keep your roof looking good by replacing missing shingles and repairing dark spots.

A Long-Lasting, Great Looking Roof is Within Your Control

As a homeowner, there are a number of checks that you can do yourself to ensure that your roof stays in tip-top condition. Get the most from your roof by:

  • Only working with certified professional roofers for any repairs or maintenance
  • Scheduling a roof inspection from a roofing company every year
  • Repairing any damages as they occur, rather than waiting for the problem to get worse
  • Checking for missing or loose shingles
  • Watching for water damage including any stains, mildew or mold

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Award-Winning Roof Repair in St Augustine
Roof Repair You Can Trust

As winners of the award for the best roofing contractor in St Augustine every year since 2012, we understand the importance of providing roof repair services that protect your roof and your home. As GAF MasterElite contractors we are able to assist with all your roofing requirements from emergency roof repairs to ongoing maintenance and complete roof replacement.

We have a reputation for using only the best quality materials, providing professional, long-lasting installation and our work is backed by full, trustworthy warranties. You will have full peace of mind knowing that Fidus will repair your roof leveraging our extensive experience, skills, and certifications to provide a top quality roofing repair solution.

Emergency Roof Repair by Experienced Roofing Contractors in Florida

Even the best-maintained roofs can be subject to damage due to severe weather and other unforeseen accidents such as impacts from falling trees.
You need your roof to protect your home and everything inside it, so if you need emergency repairs to your roof, we’re the team to call.
In the event of an emergency roofing repair you will need:

A Quick, Temporary Solution

If a roof has been compromised and is letting in water, you will need a quick roof repair, usually in the form of a protective cover to help prevent further interior damage and structural damage to the roof. This will be in place until the weather passes, at which stage a full assessment of the damage can be done so that a solution can be put forward.

Typical Emergency Situations

Damage that requires an emergency response is generally caused by bad weather, fire or animal damage. Wind and rain, in particular, are the most problematic as they can cause shingles to become loose as well as causing trees or tree branches to compromise the roof structure.

Our Response to Emergency Call Outs

We will respond immediately to any roofing emergency, and if it is safe for our crew to work, we will get started immediately. Our first priority will be to prevent any further damage to the roof and interior by making the damaged area watertight. When the weather subsides, we will then begin looking at the damage and be able to provide a full assessment.

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Regular Roof Maintenance and Repair

The maintenance that your roof will require depends on the type of roofing material. For asphalt and wood shingles as well as concrete and clay tiles, the damage tends to be localized and will only require the replacement of individual tiles or shingles. For metal roofing which is usually made up of larger panels, the full panel needs to be replaced if a spot repair is not sufficient. Flat roof repair is another specialized area that requires a different approach due to the materials involved.

Regardless of the type of roof that you have, regular maintenance to key areas can effectively prevent issues before they arise. Your roof technician will focus on:

Drains and downspouts – to ensure that they are effectively removing moisture from your roof

Vents – to check that they are in good working condition

Roof Surface – looking at surface panels so that they will be able to withstand Florida’s hurricane season

Expert Roof Repair by Fidus Roofing and Construction
Call the Professionals for Roofing Advice and Help

For effective, affordable roof repair in St Augustine and North Florida,  call the professionals. Whether your roof needs repairing or maintenance, our roofing technicians are here to help. Give us a call or request a free estimate on our website.

We service the areas of St Augustine, St John’s County, Duval County, Nassau County, Clay County and Flagler County, Nocatee, World Golf Village and more.